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    Howdy, my name is Brady Ryan and I have been lucky in my life. Lucky to be born to a wonderful family on San Juan Island, lucky to have met wonderful people in my life, and when it comes to bees, lucky to have gotten to learn the craft of beekeeping from the Ballard Bee Company.  

    I have lived most of my short life on San Juan Island and after graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in mathematics, I jumped straight into farming with Local Roots Farm, a vegetable farm in the Snoqualmie Valley.  

    Now one of my favorite things is to tend to my honeybee friends around the island.  On our farm we also make San Juan Island Sea Salt and my wife Leah grows beautiful flowers for her business Bloom San Juan (which my bees love!). I truly believe that honey is one of nature's miracles, and I see each batch as a unique fingerprint of the flowers blooming at this time, in this place.  More metaphorically, you could say that honeybees are the conductors of nature's floral orchestra, and honey is their symphony!



Flowers make honey (photo by Dave Hanson)

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